Celebrity Endorsements


Cindy Klassen & Lisa Klassen

Cindy Klassen and Lisa Klassen are names that most people living in Winnipeg have heard quite often. They are sisters who have become well known for very different reasons. Cindy is one of Canada’s best known Olympic athletes, winning 6 medals to date. Lisa is best known for surviving a major motor vehicle crash while on her way to work one cold Winnipeg winter day.

In 2010 and 2011, the Aulneau Renewal Centre was lucky enough to have both of these remarkable women as our Ambassadors both at our grand opening of our new location on Hamel Ave and as the keynote speakers at the launch of our Caring for the Spirit program. We are honoured to have the continued support of both Cindy and Lisa!

My family is very special to me. They’ve always been a support to me and a foundation that I can come back to. It’s great that we have places like the Aulneau Renewal Centre who work to strengthen families and community.

Cindy Klassen Six-time Olympic Medalist

Cindy Klassen & Lisa Klassen

Theo Fleury

Theo Fleury, former NHL champion and Olympic medalist embarked on a new journey with the launch of his best-selling author (Playing With Fire) in 2009 which chronicled his story of a troubled home life, years of sexual abuse, addiction and ultimately redemption. As a victor of childhood sexual abuse, Theo inspires many on their healing journey through helping and leading.

In 2012, Theo was the keynote speaker at Don’t Quit Before the Miracle, the Aulneau Renewal Centre’s annual fundraiser and conference. It was here where Theo met Kim Barthel, renowned speaker and expert on neurobiology and attachment for the Aulneau Renewal Centre. Through this introduction the two embarked on a journey across Canada with a message of hope and resiliency. We feel privileged to have the support of two extraordinary individuals!

In 2012 the Aulneau Renewal Centre literally changed the direction of my life when I attended an event on resiliency and for that I will forever be grateful.

Theo Fluery NHL Stanley Cup Champion

Theo Fleury

Client Testimonials

Finding support here for reconnection with my culture gave me the strength I need to begin the path of getting my family back together


It was helpful to my son and me to have a therapist who could offer sacred herbs as a part of our work together, it really helped that we could use the teachings that are important to us as a way of solving our family problems in therapy

Young Aboriginal Mother

I had no idea that I was getting in the way of my own healing! Wow, what an important thing to learn

Recent Divorcee

I have learned how to really listen to my child and get to know her and that has made all the difference


Our son was such a behaviour problem (we thought), but now we view him as a sensitive child who needs our engagement. Instead of focusing on what he had done behaviourally, we began to focus on what he was communicating by that behaviour

Adoptive Mother