Our Organization

The Aulneau Renewal Centre is a registered bilingual not-for-profit organization located at 228 Hamel Ave in St. Boniface, Winnipeg, Manitoba. It was founded in 1979 as a mission of the Missionary Oblate Sisters of St. Boniface. In 1998, the organization was separately incorporated as a non-for-profit charitable organization and in 2012, it became a Sponsored Community of Service under the Catholic Health Corporation of Manitoba.

The Aulneau Renewal Centre works with individuals, couples, and families to develop therapeutic plans that meet their specific needs through therapy, education, support, and guidance.

We help our clients work through their challenges to discover a positive vision, so they can optimize their personal potential and growth towards renewal. It is our commitment to provide a variety of services that have unique specialties and are tailored to meet every client’s needs, regardless of their personal and/or financial situation.

Our History

Love Into Action: The Birth of the Aulneau Renewal Centre

In 1979, on the 75th anniversary of the Missionary Oblate congregation, the Sisters opened the Aulneau Renewal Centre on the 4th floor of their Mother House in response to the growing need for psychological and spiritual counselling. What began as a labour of love and dedication to empowerment, growth, and spiritual life, grew into a recognized service provider to the
people of Manitoba.

Our Values

The Aulneau Renewal Centre believes that renewal is a journey that engages the mind, heart, body and spirit.


We work together to serve others with unconditional acceptance, using a holistic approach that brings healing and connection.

Healthy Relationships

We believe that healthy relationships grounded in secure attachments are critical to the development of the whole person.


We value all people regardless of race, culture, religion, gender, economic means, orientation, age or ability. We have a commitment to equitable treatment and elimination of discrimination in all its forms at all organizational levels.

Integrity and Accountability

We strive to create a culture of integrity and accountability in our actions and attitudes towards ourselves, our clients, our colleagues, our partners and the organization.


We strive to lead and sustain excellence through our commitment to professionalism, and continual development ensuring high standards.

Our Mission

The mission of Aulneau Renewal Centre is to provide counselling and psychotherapy services to empower people and the community

Our Vision

We envision an inclusive community that welcomes and supports people toward resilience, empowerment and healthy relationships that nourish mind, body and spirit.

Our Goals

  • To be a Centre of Excellence and leader in attachment-informed practice
  • To develop strong community partnerships
  • To be financially sustainable
  • To be culturally aware and provide relevant services
  • To enhance organizational wellness
  • To integrate spirituality and meaning

Our Services

Every client, family, child, youth, couple, and marriage has their own unique struggles but we believe that people can be empowered if they have the right tools to help them with their choices. We focus on building strength and empowering our clients to make the changes they need to help them with their personal journeys.

Services at the Aulneau Renewal Centre are bilingual (French and English) and are accessible.