Child and Family Services Fee for Service Program

Child and Family Services agencies may refer families, children, and adults for services under our fee for service program.  This program is available to any client of a CFS agency that is able to enter into a service contract with the Centre.  Generally, this includes services to children in care, families that are reunifying, individuals or families that have been mandated by the agency or court to attend, and individuals or families with children at risk of coming into care.  Social workers will receive a written progress report at the end of the contract, and telephone updates as requested for all clients seen under a service contract.  Counsellors may be available for case conferences and systems meetings.

How to make a Referral:

Option 1. BY EMAIL: and request service for you client(s). Intake forms will be emailed to your agency and they must be completed and sent back to Aulneau. A service contract can then be written and sent back to your agency for a signature. Once it is signed a file is created and the client is put on our waitlist. When a spot is available we will contact the social worker.

Option 2: BY PHONE: call our intake worker at 204-987-7095 . The intake worker can go through part A of the intake forms with the social worker on the phone. A service contract and part B of the intake form will be emailed to the agency to be sent back to Aulneau along with the appropriate signatures. The client is put on our waitlist and when a spot is available we will contact the social worker

Option 3: BY WEBSITE: Fill in the online registration form, or email to request a pdf copy of the form.



Please feel free to call (204) 987-7090 during normal office hours.  We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.