It is important to make sure that there is a good fit between the needs of the individual or family and the services offered at the Aulneau Renewal Centre.  Please note that:

  • Aulneau does not provide immediate crisis services
  • Aulneau does not provide long-term therapy services. Our typical client receives a maximum of 12 sessions.

For other agencies offering crisis counselling services and long-term therapy services, we suggest you consult the following resource:

If you require immediate crisis counselling services please phone:

  • Klinic 24 Hour Crisis Line: 204 786-8686
  • Mobile Crisis Unit: 204 940-1781 for adults
  • Youth Emergency Crisis Stabilization System: 204 949-4777 for children and youth

Please note that clients will not be accepted by Aulneau in the following situations.

  • Situations where the client or client’s parents/guardian are involved in court disputes.
  • Severe mental health issues that require medical follow-up and long-term support, or issues that require psychiatric consultation and support.

Making A Self-Referral or Referring Your Child

When an individual or family arrives at the decision to seek counselling services at Aulneau Renewal Centre there are general steps that are followed:

  • Please go to the link at the bottom of the page to access our on-line Intake forms.
  • Upon receipt of a completed intake form, our intake staff will determine if we would be able to provide appropriate services to you.
  • You will be contacted once your intake form is received. To determine the sliding scale rate, you will need to submit your Notice of Assessment from the most recent tax year. Please ensure that this information is provided before the deadline that will be communicated to you once your intake form has been received.
  • If a Notice of Assessment is unavailable, we accept the following documents as proof of income:
    • Pay statement
    • EIA budget letter
    • T4 Summary of Remuneration Paid
    • Record of employment
    • T1 General Income Tax and Benefit Return form
  • The intake team will provide details on the approximate length of the wait and when you can expect your first appointment.

*Please note that children of separated parents will need written permission from both parents in order to obtain therapy, prior to the first session.