February 13, 2023 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

228 Hamel Avenue

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Facilitator: Angela Taylor, PBDE, MA, PhD student


More information: Case Management for Complex Youth and Families


This workshop will increase understanding of how to connect to, collaborate, and case manage those who live as more complex, including those who identify and live within the neurodiversity spectrum, or have multiple service needs.

Developed by Angela Taylor, who is neurodivergent, and a former child in care labeled with complex needs, a caregiver to neurodivergent children, and service provider, who has learned 24 years how to support our diverse community. She has her PBDE in education, a Masters in Disability Studies and currently completing her PhD in Education, studying the most effective therapeutic modalities for the neurodivergent.

This support is created for all service providers, including therapists, social workers, and professionals.


  1. Introduction to neurodiversity in our community (ADHD, Autism, FASD, and others) and how that impacts mental health and careers.
  2. Discussion of advocacy techniques and addressing injustice or concern.
  3. Exploring how to increase connection and calm within limited resources.
  4. Increasing our success in working as a collaborator with youth and families and the system that supports them.
  5. Case management framework support, resources, and templates.