Cherish the Caregiver – 8 Week Group

Dates: 8 Wednesdays starting September 1, 2019

Times: 1PM – 3PM each day

Price: $150.00 for 8 Weeks

Facilitator: Rob Plese, BA hons (MA Candidate)

For more information please see the Cherishing the Caregiver Brochure


In this 8-week, process oriented, group; you may come to better understand, tweak or even trust in your own parenting strategy for dealing with difficult behaviors in the children you love. Cherishing the caregiver comes out of a principle from Attachment theory, that valuing children start with valuing the caregiver. This course centers around getting to know yourself as a parent, learning from other caregivers who have struggles of their own, and developing a bigger, kinder and wiser version of you.

 What to expect: Increased awareness of different parenting styles, increased confidence in your parenting decisions, increase in comfort with communication.