October 20, 2023 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Aulneau Renewal Centre 228 Hamel Avenue or Zoom

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Counselling Clients with Disordered Eating and Body Image Distress - In-Person $225
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Facilitator: Angela Tucker, Canadian Certified Counsellor, Registered Dietitian


More information: Counselling Clients with Disordered Eating and Body Image Distress

Disordered eating and body image distress have increased in various age groups in the last few years for a number of reasons. If not addressed early, these concerns can often lead to worsening mental function, social issues, malnutrition, and eating disorders. This workshop is intended to support counsellors, therapists and other mental health care providers to more effectively and confidently support their clients struggling with disordered eating and body image distress.

This workshop is developed by Angela Tucker, a Canadian Certified Counsellor and Registered Dietitian. In both her roles, Angela works through weight-inclusive, Health at Every Size, shame-informed, and anti-diet lenses to support her clients in deeply healing their relationship with food and their bodies.

Workshop objectives:

  • Better ability to differentiate between disordered eating and eating disorders.
  • Understanding the relationship between nervous system (dys)regulation and problematic eating behaviours.
  • Exploring the relationship between trauma and disordered eating.
  • Introducing tools to support your clients in developing better awareness of their physical satiety cues, the emotional underpinnings of “why” they eat the way they do, and the function of their eating behaviours.
  • Increased awareness of how your clients may be affected by the binge/restrict cycle, and how to help them break free of all or nothing thinking with food.
  • Deconstructing and challenging the beliefs of how we relate health and weight.