November 29, 2019 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

St. Boniface Cathedral - 180 ave de la Cathedral

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Facilitator: Heather Hargraves, M.A.

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With recent advances in the neuroscience of meditation, we now understand how different styles of meditation impact the brain. We can use this knowledge by combining ancient meditation practices and modern technology to design effective and efficient meditation programs tailored to each individual’s needs.
In this workshop, we will explore four specific styles of meditation that are based on the role of attention, intention, brainwave states and the brain regions involved.
In addition to traditional methods of meditation, we will experiment with technologies and the key practices, shown to facilitate these specific states of consciousness. The approaches taught in this workshop can be used immediately to achieve deeper states of meditation, or as a treatment intervention for mental health conditions such as ADHD, anxiety and chronic stress, depression, personality disorders, or PTSD.

Heather’s research interests investigate the neurological underpinnings of various states of consciousness, including dissociation, meditation, psychedelics and various polyphasic states of consciousness, associated with shamanic practices. Her masters research focused on the therapeutic induction of altered states of consciousness, based on research findings related to psilocybin (i.e., magic mushrooms). Prior to her training as a neurofeedback therapist Heather worked as a yoga and meditation instructor, as well as a reflexologist and Thai massage therapist. It was her personal experience with these modalities that inspired her to pursue further study as a therapist, with a focus toward understanding the neurological underpinnings of these mind/body therapies.