June 3, 2022 9:00 am - 4:00 pm


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Facilitator: Julie Walsh, MSW, RSW

More Information: Window of Tolerance


Towards the Window of Tolerance; helping ground children’s fight, flight, and freeze responses


We all have a Window of Tolerance, which according to Dan Siegel describes: “The best state of ‘arousal’ or stimulation in which we are able to function and thrive in everyday life”. When we are within our Window of Tolerance, or optimal state we are able to learn effectively, relate well to others, understand and relate well to ourselves, experience empathy, connect with others around us, and we are able to think, plan, and reflect on our experiences. When we are not in our Window of Tolerance we become overly (hyper) aroused or under (hypo) aroused- which may result in excess energy, irritability, low or flat mood, reactivity, anxiety, or difficulty concentrating. Our Window of Tolerance is impacted by things such as our neurobiology, our early or significant childhood experiences (trauma), the environment and community in which we grow up, and our own unique coping skills. Caregivers can enhance children’s Windows of Tolerance, and doing so will increase our children’s resilience, emotional development, their attachment security, and their relationships with us.

This workshop aims to

  • Provide an overview of how trauma and adverse childhood experiences can impact the developing brain
  • Explain why helping regulate children and bring them to their windows of tolerance is necessary in connecting with children, teaching children, and increasing their emotional development.
  • Describe signs of dysregulation and regulation
  • Understand the flight/flight/freeze/fawn responses
  • Describe the bottom-up concept of Regulate, Relate, Reason (RRR)
  • Provide tools using RRR to ground children’s fight/flight/freeze responses and calm their brain stems, repair relationships, and increase reasoning and reflective capacity