July 25, 2019 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Aulneau Renewal Centre - 228 Hamel

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Facilitator: Elliot Maxwell, MA in Drama Therapy

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Using Films to Heal: Using Films to Build Attachment with Children and Deepening Therapeutic Work with Clients

Description of how films can be healing focusing on: – the origins and theory of Cinema Therapy and Film/Video-Based Therapy – Bonnie Harnden’s research on the regulating effects of beauty and awe, – the experience of catharsis in film and how this can lead to deeper emotional work, – the experience of insights from film due to identification with the character, – the explanation of Robert Landy’s Role Theory and how it relates to the healing impact of films, – and finally how one can create action plans from the inspiration behind films. Description of how parents can build secure  attachment through attuning to children’s interests in films/TV/YouTube, and how one can learn more about your child through what characters they strongly identify with/love. Within this, an explanation of dramatic projection and the therapeutic mechanisms behind dramatic projection.

– Learn how to use films therapeutically with clients
– learning specific interventions
– Learn how to use films to attune to your children
– learning specific techniques
– Learn about how to use films for your own self care.