The Dragonfly Reunification Program an Attachment-based , focused intervention designed to assist clients of the child welfare system reunify with their estranged children through the development of stronger parent-child relationships and concrete skill development.

The program is comprised of an Attachment Counsellor and a Reunification Coach who work in tandem to teach, develop and practice parenting skills over a 12 – 24 week period, using a combination of counselling sessions at the centre, and supported access in the client’s home and community.

The overwhelming majority of parents with children in care have had disrupted attachments themselves. As a result, they have developed skewed working models of parenting and relationships, as well as a lack of parenting knowledge and skills. Hence the need for a proper assessment and informed treatment plan – including addressing parental unresolved trauma and loss, and associated substance misuse, domestic violence and self-esteem issues. The goal of this program is to reunify families by providing more comprehensive services than are normally available to agencies, that will improve family functioning. This program is most suited to families that the agency plans, or would plan to reunify, if the relationships, parenting skills, and/or functioning could be improved – families that need some extra help to get themselves “over the threshold.”

Program Focus:

The primary focus of this program is to teach parents goal corrected attachment behaviours using corrective emotional experience with their children that will develop and enhance both their relationship with their child(ren) and parenting skills. This process will help parents develop emotional health as well as instrumental care skills.

This is accomplished by changing attachment & protective behaviour through Attachment informed therapy, Modified Interaction Guidance (MIG) feedback process, and using a trained and skilled coach to help practice attachment gains and help structure the home.

Additionally, the program focuses on safety and stability, and the inclusion of all parts of the system; social workers, foster parents and support workers.

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