Parent Coaching Program

Parent Coaches work with parents and their children primarily in their homes, to improve attachment relationships and develop effective parenting skills and home management skills. Coaches provide hands-on, structured opportunities for parents to practice new skills in their home setting and help organize their homes and routines to better cope with the demands of parenting and the systems they are involved with.

These parent coaching services are available to parents within the city of Winnipeg and Steinbach for up to 12 sessions.


A Parent Coach can:

  • Provide coaching and mentorship
  • Teach skills on how to help children regulate their emotions
  • Help parents improve their relationship with their children
  • Access community resources and services
  • Provide advocacy
  • Collaborate with other professionals
  • Help develop routines
  • Help set appropriate boundaries
  • Support in organizing household duties
  • Teach household management skills
  • Work on coping skills and practicing selfcare




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