Terms of Service for Wellness Checks


Wellness Checks provided by Aulneau Renewal Centre is a check in where clients will be provided with information about coping tools and resources to help manage anxiety regarding COVID- 19.  This is not a counselling session with therapeutic interventions.  The wellness check is an educational opportunity for clients to learn about coping tools such as breathing, mindfulness, self compassion etc. Even though this is not a counselling session, confidentiality is important to us and we wish to ensure you have information for your session.

As per our guidelines, during the wellness check session, should you disclose any harm to yourself, a child at risk or someone else, appropriate authorities will be notified.

Wellness checks are free and can last a maximum of 50 minutes.

If you wish to contact us using electronic communications, please know that:

▪ We cannot guarantee the absolute privacy of electronic communication

▪ Email, cell phones, and other electronic means are not 100% secure or confidential


I understand that these checks ins involve important differences that limit the responsibilities assumed by my counsellor. Unlike in face-to-face counselling, my counsellor cannot guarantee the same degree of confidentiality since this service partially takes place in a space outside of my counsellor’s control (i.e., the internet and my physical location). Because it takes place at a distance and possibly across jurisdictions my counsellor cannot reliably intervene in situations that may involve risk to my emotional or physical well-being (e.g., if I am in crisis, suicidal, or require hospitalization).


This means I agree to take full responsibility for making the following treatment decisions:

  • Whether and where I decide to initiate the session
  • Whether and how I will protect the confidentiality of my conversation from my side of the session.
  • Whether and how I access emergency services related to my mental health


During the check in your counsellor will ensure that no one will be able to hear their end of the conversation. However, Aulneau cannot assure the privacy of your location. If you are somewhere where a family member, co-worker or even a stranger might be able to hear or see you, then your conversation cannot be kept secure. Aulneau strongly encourages you to find a private location to have our conversation.


If you wish to access counselling services, we encourage you to complete the counselling form.  A wellness check can still be provided if needed to address anxiety you may be feeling at this time. Clients in crisis should contact the Crisis Response Centre as this check in would not be able to meet their needs.


I agree to the terms of service.